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On-Board, High-Energy 40V MAX Lithium Ion Battery

ION™ features 21st Century lithium ion technology, the most advanced battery technology available today - used heavily in high-performance tools for various applications.

Planetary Gear Transmission

ION™ gives you maximum efficiency at the lightest weight possible. It offers the optimal combination of weight and high-power delivery. The result is performance without unnecessary weight.

Lightweight. Easy to Carry

At only 22 lb, ION™ weighs nearly 40% less than many gas-powered augers. That extra 10 to 15 pounds is substantial. This means less effort drilling and more opportunity to focus on fishing.

Only the Noise of Cutting Ice

ION™ is so quiet, you’ll only notice the sound of shredding ice… or the sound of a gas auger in the distance. And, you’ll no longer have to worry about fish spooking from the whiny roar of two-cycle engine.

Cuts like a Gas Auger

Its 8-inch auger cuts holes just like a gas-powered auger but without the bonejarring, out-of-control experience that is characteristic of power augers.

No gas. No oil. No fumes

With ION™, all you need to do is charge your battery, go to the lake and start drilling. No need to stop at a gas station, calculate the fuel mixture, or store unused mix gas. This means no spilled gas in your vehicle, and no smelling gas fumes on your way to the lake.

Smooth Cuts Every Time

The ION™ No Catch Cutting System features the Spot On centering ring which allows you to re-open frozen holes. Together with Straight Through blade design, you virtually eliminate “catching” at breakthrough saving you from jarring stops or yanks. You get smooth breakthrough and no jagged ice at the bottom of the hole that can fray line and cost you a big fish.