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  • How long does the battery take to charge?

    The typical time of a charging cycle required to fully charge a dead battery should be about 2.5 hours.
  • What precautions should I take with the battery in extreme cold?

    For optimal performance and longevity, the battery should not be left in the cold overnight or for extended periods of time. If a battery is exposed to extreme cold for extended periods of time, it may need to be brought inside or put inside of a jacket to warm up for 5-10 minutes before operating. When storing between fishing trips it is best to keep the battery inside and fully charged.
  • What maintenance does the ION require?

    The Ion auger does not have any regularly required maintenance other than to recharge it for use.
  •  Is the battery removable?

    Yes. To eject the battery, simply remove the battery hood cover and push upward on the bottom of the battery to remove it from the auger.
  • How long will the battery last?

    The battery is expected to last about 600-800 full charge cycles before performance will be affected.
  • How should I store the battery in the off-season?

    For extended periods of storage, bring the battery to a full charge and store detached from the auger.  If the storage is longer than 8 months, put the battery back on the charger periodically to maintain optimal longevity. Battery pack performance may be reduced when stored in elevated temperatures above 85° F or below 10° F for extended periods of time.
  • What if I leave my battery on the charger?

    Leaving the battery on the charger will not harm the battery because the charger is programmed to shut off after the battery reaches a full charge. It is best to unplug the charger and remove the battery after a full charge has been reached, signaled by the solid green light on the charger. (This is because the charger’s electronics inside will continue to use power when plugged in.)
  • Can I put a partially discharged battery on the charger?

    Yes. There is no reduction in battery pack performance or life due to recharging it at any point in the charge or discharge cycle. Best practice would be to recharge the battery after each trip on the ice.
  • How long will a battery maintain its charge if not used?

    The ION battery should hold a charge for about 8 months before needing to be put back on the charger. If unused for longer than 8 months, the battery should be placed on the charger for a maintenance charge.
  • Can I re-sharpen the auger blades?

    Unlike curved blade augers, hand sharpening by skilled individuals is possible. However, it is still suggested that the blades be replaced when dull, for optimal performance.
  • How do I buy additional blades and batteries?

    Additional blades and batteries are available through your authorized ION retailer.
  • Is the ION shorter than standard power augers?

    Yes, the ION is 34” standard and 46” with the included 12” extension.  This was done to allow the majority of the users to drill the holes they want to and still allow the auger to pack and transport well on ATV’s/snowmobiles or inside of sleds. By adding the 12” extension, the ION provides more length than a standard power auger, giving anglers the ability to drill through deeper ice.
  • How long is the warranty on the ION?

    The ION carries a 2-year limited product warranty and a 1-year limited warranty on the battery.
  • How heavy is the ION?

    The ION weighs 21 lb without the included extension, 22 lb with the extension.
  • Where do I locate my serial number?

    The Serial Number (a 21-digit number) is located on the bottom of the powerhead, right next to the output shaft of the motor. Additional serial numbers can be located on the powerhead, directly behind the battery or on your original packaging from the store as well.
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